Who We Are

ARABESQUE CANADA is Arabian dance and music in meaningful, soul-filled and joyful expression. Founded by Yasmina Ramzy, Arabesque Canada has its artistic roots in an Egyptian and Syrian lineage. Located in Toronto, Canada, Arabesque is recognized globally for embodying Arab dance and music arts with the highest artistry, respect and integrity. Arabesque Canada is home to Yasmina Ramzy Arts, Arabesque Dance Company, Arabesque Drummers, Arabesque Orchestra, Arabesque Earthshakers, Arabesque Folklore Troupe, Arabesque Student Troupe and Arabesque Troupe Joy

SCHOOL — Founded in 1987, Arabesque Academy attracts students from the world over to study in a creative and encouraging environment with the highest standards in technique and passionate expression. Arabesque teachers love teaching and strive to enable every student to reach their potential as an exquisite artist.

COMPANY — Yasmina Ramzy Arts is a critically acclaimed 25 member dance and music ensemble directed by Yasmina Ramzy and Bassam Bishara embodying creative contemporary sensibilities steeped in ancient Arabian tradition.

AGENCY — Joyful and highly talented dancers and musicians in solo, small ensemble or large production formats offer the perfect entertainment at all kinds of events such as concerts, weddings, baptisms, bridal showers and corporate activities.

STORE — CDs, instructional DVDs, performance DVDs, Classes, Workshops, festivals, Performance tickets, Online Classes.

What's Happening

Blog posts

  • "What more could I ask for?" Mahmoud Reda

    Continuation of Blog called “There is Always Hope" Mahmoud Reda (September 2015) Rosa took me to the balcony of their apartment and described how empty the street was when they moved in 52 years earlier and how much has changed with the area built up now. Remembering the balcony, I...

  • Only One New Year Resolution For 2016

    In January of 2014, I published my nine New Year resolutions in this blog but I only accomplished them in 2015 as follows: 1/ Dance alone in the studio more. 2/ No more smoking except for the occasional shisha. 3/ Meditate more. 4/ Remind myself everyday how lucky I am....

  • Bellydance as Sexualized Spectacle

    If you believe that sex is a sacred and holy expression of the miracle of the universe and/or an expression of infinite love, then Bellydance is the perfect vehicle for this message. Many women who study Bellydance find it empowering because the archetypal movement and nuance they are tapping into...

  • The Significance of Dancing to the Music of Oum Kalthoum

    These are thoughts about the significance of Oum Kalthoun for Bellydancers taken from articles I wrote as part of the Ask Yasmina Column for Gilded Serpent. Although written and published in 2009 and 2010, I feel they are still relevant for students today. Understanding the importance of Oum Kalthoum and...

Arabesque is your connection to profound Arabian art.