• Bellydance Blossom
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  • May 5-7, 2017
  • Harbourfront, Toronto, Canada


The Bellydance Blossom Festival's Artistic Vision is to create an environment of explosive creativity that will inspire, engage and ignite participating artists. The festival's objective is to create a space where the true soul of Bellydance can reveal itself - a place where all the myriad styles and expressions of Bellydance meet and share common ground.

Through Collaborative Works, Explorative Works and Discussion the Bellydance Blossom Festival hopes to reveal the meaning and purpose of Bellydance. It will be challenging, fun and hugely rewarding for all participants.

At the last International Bellydance Conference of Canada (2012), a persistent question was in conversations on the stairs, in panels discussions and in workshops. What is the essence of Bellydance? What does it express? Let us try to answer these questions in the Bellydance Blossom Festival.

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Imagined and created by Yasmina Ramzy, founder of the International Bellydance Conference of Canada.

Blossum group faces

Collaborative Works

Collaborative Works are creative partnerships that are rich in learning opportunities, opening infinite new possibilities for the participants. This is the most exciting performance contribution to the festival and expresses what the festival is all about. Choreographers partner with soloists and/or ensembles they have not worked with before. Each Collabortaive Works presentation is 10 minutes in length and includes an explanation of the collaborative process, performance of the new work and a Q&A in whatever order or format the collaborating artists wish.

Role of Choreographer

Role of Performing Artist(s)

Roles of both collaborating Artists

More guidelines and suggestions will be offered to help with the collaborative process. As well, members can exchange solutions and ideas through the Facebook group page.

Choosing Collaborative Partners

Artists can choose who they would like to collaborate with in the Prearranged Partnership category. If wishing to be part of some genuiunely exciting work, artists can chose to enter the Partnership Lottery and be randomly paired up. This lottery will be held December 6, 2015.

If a random partnership is found to be problematic, those artists will then be put back in the spinning wheel and a second lottery will be held January 31, 2016. There is not a third chance.

4 categories for Collaborative Works Lottery

(you may choose up to two):

  • Submissions
  • Honorarium

    Explorative Works

    Explorative Works are for soloists and/or ensembles who wish to create a new piece that allows the artists involved to step into new territory or present their current style in a new way or with a new emphasis. In other words, creating new work that allows audiences to see the artist(s) in a new light.

  • Submissions
  • Honorarium


    Amazing pioneer and new teachers from in and outside Egypt


    Attendance at all workshops is included in registration fee

    Full roster TBA

    Khariyya Mazen

    Panel Discussions

    Please submit ideas of panel topics you would like to see or participate in

  • Submissions
  • Blossom Talks

    Offered in the fashion of TED Talks

    All manner of subjects encompassed in the global Bellydance experience.

  • Submissions
  • Honorarium

    Artists / Speakers

    Confirmed Artists and Speakers to be announced December 12, 2016.

    Complete roster incLuding NAGUA FOUAD and KHAIRIYYA MAZEN with biographies will be published February 1, 2017

    Please see Submissions if you are interested to perform or speak

    Khariyya Mazen


    Friday, April 1, 2016.

    Saturday, April 2, 2016.

    Sunday, April 3, 2016.


    Studio Theatre & Lakeside Terrace, York Quay, Harbourfront,

    Downtown Toronto, Canada

    Hotel accommodations

    Radisson Admiral Hotel, almost next door, $135/night for single & double rooms - phone 1 (416) 203-3333 or 1 (800) 967-9033 - make reservation under group booking for Bellydance /blossom Festival - special rate available until March 3, 2016

    Super 8 Hotel, 10 minutee streetcar ride, $99/night for single & double ($10 for each additional person) - phone 647-426-8118 - make reservation under booking for Bellydance Blossom Festival - special rate available until March 31, 2016



    Accepting submissions by November 30, 2015. You may make as many submissions as you like. Please make each submission in separate email to bellydanceblossom@gmail.com

    Eligibiliy: Performance/Choreography = minimum of 4 years or 20 performances/creations. Speakers for Blossom Talks = minimum of 4 years speaking or teaching experience. If questionablable, eligibility will be decided by a panel of peers (to be named)

    All eligible submissions will be put into a lottery and picked until the number of performance or speaker time slots are full. Any that are not chosen will be on waiting list to take the place of any cancellations. Lottery is held December 6, 2015.

    Collaborative Works - Partnership Lottery

    - Enter any two of the categories in separate submissions. Please include a one paragraph biography, your C.V. and a Youtube clip of your work in the category you are submitting for. Lottery results are December 6, 2015.

    Collaborative Works - Prearranged Partnership

    - Propose a collaboration of any combination of artists that will create a piece together (multi-media and multi-disciplinary arts are welcome). Please describe visualized outcome and name the participating parties and their roles. For the key collaborative artists, please include a one paragraph biography, C.V. and Youtube clip demonstrating their previous work

    Explorative Works

    - Please describe in one paragraph how you are venturing into new creative expression with the work you are submitting. Please include a one paragraph biography, C.V. and a youtube clip of your previous work.

    Blossom Talks - 12 minutes - visual aids are optional

    - Please submit the title of your talk and a one paragraph description. Please include a one paragraph biography and your C.V.

    Panel Discussions

    - Suggest an interesting and/or controversial topic for discussion that you would like to participate in and /or suggest other artists/academics you would like to see on this Panel.


    In order to submit, you do not need to have registered for the festival. However, in order to participate, you need to register by February 15, 2016.

    Significant registration discounts for members of ensembles who are making a submission to perform whether ending up on stage or not.




    Be a part of 32+ hours of ground breaking creative adventures over 3 days

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    Join the Revelation

    You need to be registered in order to participate in Collaborative Works, Explorative Works, Blossom Talks and Panel Discussions by February 15, 2016.

    25% off for group members living in Toronto area who are able to sleep in their own bed for the festival - use code HOMEGROUP when checking out online. Note with registration which group you are with and from what city.

    50% off for group traveling from far and needing to stay in a hotel, B and B, or billetting for the duration of the festival - use code TRAVELGROUP when checking out online. Note with registration which group you are with and from what city.

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