AL KHAIMA (The Tent)

Discover the art of Bellydance as it was intended. Melt into the organic structure and nuances of Arab art. Experience the improvisational tradition and relationship between Bellydancers and Musicians. Taqsim, Drum Solo, Openings, Finales, popular songs, Oum Kalthoum, Mawaal, Maqaam and more. Inside a beautiful Arabian tent! Master Instructors Yasmina Ramzy, Bassam Bishara and Suleiman Warwar of Arabesque. All levels welcome. Option to perform with Arabesque Orchestra same evening.

Limit of 12 students per workshop.


March 1, 2014

at Arabesque: 1 Gloucester St, #107

3:00-6:00pm and 8:00-10:00pm


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Al Khaima Workshop Feedback

"I absolutely loved Al Khaima. Getting a chance to work with Bassam and Suleiman as well as Yasmina was really special, I felt very lucky to have access to these incredibly knowledgeable artists. The information divulged was fascinating and so essential, I can't believe I didn't take this sooner! I recommend it to anyone who wants to eventually dance with live musicians, and to dancers who are currently doing so, this workshop is essential!" - Laura Selenzi

"On October 25th this year, I joined a group of 14 girls at Arabesque Studios for the Al Khaima workshop with Yasmina Ramzy, Bassam Bishara and Suleiman Warwar. Having recently attended the Pro Course Intensive in July 2008, where we focused on working with live musicians, I was unsure of how much I would gain form the workshop, other than refreshing what I had already learned. However, I couldn't have been more wrong. What excites me most about Arabesque Academy is the knowledge and passion of the instructors and directors- even though we had covered the same topics in the summer I still came away with pages of new notes and a greater understanding of what performing with live musicians is all about. Although the workshop itself could easily have been twice as long, we all had the opportunity to try out some of the techniques we were discussing and to get instant feedback on entrances and endings. It was also very helpful to hear not just from Yasmina on dance elements, but also from Bassam and Suleiman on their perceptions of the interaction and creation of a live show. In the evening the workshop attendees came back to perform to a packed house of over 60 people at the academy. The studio was transformed into a tent, with carpets and cushions covering the floor and food and wine available for a whole 'Arabic experience'. Nerves aside, all of the performers were stunning and there were many comments about the standard of this show- indeed many guests didn't realise that we were all improvising, which was comforting! It was wonderful to have the opportunity to perform to a friendly and enthusiastic audience and to be guided by the musicians who were very kind to us all! Overall, the Al Khaima day was intense and informative, but also a lot of fun and it was great to see so many dancers supporting each other backstage and encouraging those who were less confident or nervous about performing. There are always new levels of learning to be found at Arabesque and no matter what stage of your dancing, taking part in the Al Khaima workshops and shows will inform your approach to performance and help with understanding the role of the bellydancer in a live show. - Shema
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