Bellydance Dumbek Brigade at Taste of the Danforth

ARABESQUE ACADEMY — Bellydance Dumbek Brigade

Upcoming Dates:

  • August 11
  • September 8
  • October 13
  • November 10
  • December 8

You can join the Bellydance Dumbek Brigade or host them to perform and engage audiences. This community of dancers and drummers of all levels and styles from Southern Ontario perform at public events and meet every month to practise and learn new routines. Anyone and everyone is encouraged to join to dance and/or drum. In the Summer months, they meet outdoors in Ramsden Park and in the cold months they meet at Arabesque Studios or other public places.

Drummers bring a Dumbek or Qatim. Dancers bring a hipscarf if you have one.

2nd Sunday of every month



drummers on a park bench
bellydancing in a park
Portrait of Bellydance Drumbek Brigade members
Drumbek drummers on stage