Student Gala Winter 2010

ARABESQUE ACADEMY — Dance Class Levels

Arabesque offers Drop-In Classes which can be purchased individually or with a Classcard package. Students are free to attend any category or level, on any day, with any teacher, and as often as they wish.


What differentiates Raqs Sharqi from other dance forms is its cultural and emotional nuance which is reflected in its mysterious and effortless technique. The infinite tapestry of riches in this ancient artform are woven into your BODY, HEART and SOUL throughout the Arabesque Dance Journey.


BODY Posture, strength, fluidity, effortless isolation, and a grounded pelvic centre are the beginning and the end of Arabesque technique. An infinite number of steps with the same technique principals make everything possible.

HEART What to do with your technique. Going beyond executing steps. Telling stories and revealing character with musical, emotional and cultural nuance. Understanding the art between the steps is the transition from student to dance artist. .

SOUL After digesting the essence of technique and emotion, it is time to express from your soul with your personal and unique story. Through improvisation and choreography tools you now become an original, one of a kind dance artist.

Because Arabesque movement comes from a time and place where sexuality is a celebration of life, you will find that the organic, natural flow of steps helps to rewire your relationship with your body and sensuality. Accomplishing unusual, intricate and mesmerizing steps strengthens one's self-esteem. Art is subjective and Arabesque dance celebrates the freedom of individual expression. If you are experiencing joy when dancing then you have accomplished much and feel the Arabesque spirit. May your experience of Arabesque Dance Art be an inspiring journey.