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ARABESQUE ACADEMY — Dance Class Levels

Arabesque currently offers Drop-In Classes which can be purchased individually or with a Classcard package. Students are free to attend any level, on any day, with any teacher, and as often as they wish. Drop-In Classes explore in depth Bellydance technique as set out in the Arabesque Academy Curriculum of over 150 steps and some of the Middle Eastern folklore dance styles.


INTRODUCTORY Level is designed for students without any kind of previous dance experience. It covers many of the Beginner steps but taught at a slower pace.

BEGINNER Level covers over 40 steps that make up the basic repertoire of all the significant Egyptian dance artists. A strong emphasis is placed on mastering the Arabesque style of muscularity, fluidity, effortless flow, posture and grace.

INTERMEDIATE Level challenges the students to learn how to layer up to four separate steps at the same time. Students also receive a more in-depth understanding of nuance and context both musically and culturally.

ADVANCED Level has students improvising and receiving individual feedback concerning their implementation of nuance, emotion, musicality and how to perfect the subtler layers of their technique. Dance students are now becoming performing artists.

Because Arabesque movement comes from a time and place where sexuality is a celebration of life, you will find that the organic, natural flow of steps helps to rewire your relationship with your body and sensuality. Accomplishing unusual, intricate and mesmerizing steps strengthens one's self-esteem. Art is subjective and Arabesque dance celebrates the freedom of individual expression. If you are experiencing joy when dancing then you have accomplished much and feel the Arabesque spirit. May your experience of Arabesque Dance Art be an inspiring journey.