Arabesque Dream Company

Directed by Yasmina Ramzy, the Arabesque Dream Company is the same as Arabesque Dance Company except there are no regular weekly Toronto rehearsals or classes to attend. Learning choreographies will be done by video and performances will be in cities that Yasmina is teaching/performing in and/or cities where other members of the company may have a performance event that can host Arabesque Dream Company as well as performance events in Toronto such as Arabesque Gala, Dance Ontario Dance Weekend, CNE International Stage an many more.

The Benefits::

* contribute to expressing creative and inspiring choreography

* join in a team of like minded dance artists from across North America

* contribute to exciting performance experiences

* contribute to the future of presenting meaningful Raqs Sharqi

* great learning opportunity in many facets of presenting dance art

As a member, you will:

- be assigned a position in the staging of different choreographies

- receive video feedback on your progress in learning the choreography

- be invited to various performances in different cities

- have access to Arabesque costumes to wear in performance

- possible billeting by other members of company in different cities


- Pass audition - in person or send in video of you performing with another ensemble as well as you performing two small sections of Arabesque Dance Company choreography alone. (Past Arabesque Dance Company members are automatically accepted)

Note: The Arabesque Dance Company sections of choreography are Banadi Aleik 4:00 - 5:48 and Habaytak Bisayf 0:47 - 2:09. Email for links if needed.

- Once you have accepted an invitation to be part of an upcoming performance, you can not cancel unless dire circumstances.

- Be prepared to submit video footage of your personal rehearsals for feedback. Keep repeating this process until you are cleared to perform. You will not be cleared to perform unless you no longer need feedback.

- Be prepared to rehearse with the rest of the company in person for 4-6 hours the day before any performance you have accepted.

Send questions and audition material to

Membership is $59 CDN ($45US) a month due the 1st of every month.