Free Feedback with Yasmina Ramzy

Ingrid in firey pastels arms lifted moving forward
Arabesque Teachers want to ensure
ALL students become exquisite Dance Artists
Art is a life long journey.

It is exciting when you can revel in overcoming challenges and discover your potential. At Arabesque, we want students to experience meaningful growth. We love teaching and want to know that our efforts are creating tangible results. We believe all students have an exquisite dance artist inside them waiting to be revealed. In order to ensure that happens we offer personalized regular feedback with homework from an international mentor.

No student left behind.
What is your current optimum learning level?
What is your next focus for class and practice?
What are your current obstacles?
How are you progressing?
Enjoy a FREE 10 minute Feedback Session
- offered to anyone who has taken at least 10 classes anywhere
- follow-up session offered after every 15 classes taken at Arabesque
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