Student Gala everyone up dancing

ARABESQUE ACADEMY — Learning Overview

Class Content

What differentiates Raqs Sharqi from other dance forms is its cultural and emotional nuance which is reflected in its mysterious and effortless technique. The infinite tapestry of riches in this ancient artform are woven into your BODY, HEART and SOUL throughout the Arabesque Dance Journey. 

What Level is Appropriate for Me?

Which level or class category is most appropriate for you is for you to decide or you can ask a teacher. If this will be your very first class, then we recommend taking the classes labelled "BODY". All classes are drop-in so you are welcome to try different teachers and different classes anytime with your classcard. The Arabesque Dance Journey encourages you to engage in all types of classes for a fully rounded learning experience.

Other avenues for you to receive more personal attention is through a 40 minute full skills assessment or in private classes for personal coaching.

Student Performances

In the Fall and Spring a large Student Gala is held where all the classes perform. For several weeks before each gala the teachers prepare the students of each class to perform a complete choreography. The costumes are supplied by the school. The galas are lively and super fun for all students to realize how far they have progressed. Many other performance opportunities are given through joining a school troupe and solo performance throughout the year at special events. After studying for a few years, you may decide to audition for the company or the entertainment agency.


Because Arabesque movement comes from a time and place where sexuality is a celebration of life, you will find that the organic, natural flow of steps helps to rewire your relationship with your body and sensuality. Accomplishing unusual, intricate and mesmerizing steps strengthens one's self-esteem. Art is subjective and Arabesque dance celebrates the freedom of individual expression. If you are experiencing joy when dancing then you have accomplished much and feel the Arabesque spirit. May your experience of Arabesque Dance Art be an inspiring journey.