Line up of dancers for Al Khaima

Professional Course Description

The Arabesque Professional Course and the Master Pro Course are sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council. This support enables a rare opportunity to offer students intense two week and one week training with the highest quality master teachers in a variety of disciplines. These courses guide a professional dancer on the voyage to realizing her/his artistic vision.

Upcoming Dates:

these are the final sessions - we will no longer be applying to Ontario Arts Council for this project anymore

Professional Course: July 7-18, 2014

Master Pro Course: June 6-9, 2015


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Professional Course Summary

Since 2001, Pro Course graduates have hailed from Japan, Mexico, Austria, China, Portugal, Hungary, Panama, Great Britain, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Latvia, New Zealand and across Canada and the United States. They have gone on to be ambassadors of a comprehensive art form, replete with meaning, tradition and integrity.

Join this elite group of artists by receiving thorough performance feedback and coaching from 10 master instructors. Take a huge leap in your Bellydance journey with ancient mysteries revealed and homework to keep you busy for 5 years. No certificate can measure up to the new confidence and assurance in one's profound understanding of Middle Eastern Dance gained through the Arabesque Pro Course.

Arabesque Professional Course creates fully rounded professional dance artists and teachers who learn and experience the art form as a whole. While working with renouned and highly acclaimed Arab musicians both in class and performance as well as master instructors in creative movement, history, culture, nuance, expression, and artistic interpretation, students gain a deep undertanding of why and where the movements come from.


Yasmina Ramzy

Dr.George Sawa

Bassam Bishara

Suleiman Warwar

Robert Desrosiers

Wagdi Bechara

Karen Louise Parker

Brian Smith

Sashar Zarif

Various Arabesque Technique Instructors


Technique Refinement



Creating Choreography

Character Portrayal

Personal Feedback





Stage Presence

Personal Coaching

Students of Arabesque Dance - Professional Course in Belly Dance classes and Arabic Dance at the Toronto Island al Haima

Intensive Professional Course - Two weeks - 65 hours

By audition only - Limit of 10 students, once a year

Monday-Friday: 11:00am-4:30pm plus 12 Evening & Weekend Technique Classes

Price: $849 - half of the course fee is payable in order to reserve a spot and the balance is payable before the course begins.

Audition Requirements - to submit at least 4 weeks before course commences - 10 spaces are first come first served

  • 5-minute video clip yourself dancing solo, in any kind of venue (including a studio, no costume necessary)
  • A dance C.V.
  • A short biography
  • Brief explanation as to why the you are considering the Professional Course at this time

Audition considerations:

  • Technique and technical potential
  • Creativity and musical understanding
  • Stage presence and personality
  • Any experience as a professional performer or teacher
  • NOT factors for qualification are age, ethnicity, body shape and size

Note: Although this course is required in order to become a member of Arabesque Dance Company, completion of the course does not guarantee placement in the company or as a soloist with Arabesque Entertainment Agency.