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20 Hours over 2.5 Days Immersion Course

with Yasmina Ramzy


YR Arts Program A sets the solid ground for all Raqs Sharqi dance artists. It covers and draws connections between the technique essentials important at all levels, knowledge of the Legends in the history of Raqs Sharqi and their influences, the importance of understanding culture and folklore characters, the riches and inspiration derived from Arab music and how to achieve the fluidity and effortlessness of a true Raqs Sharqi artist.

Upcoming Dates:

October 4-6, 2019, Toronto, Canada

Program A Curriculum

Technique Inside Out

Discovering technique again at all levels and approaching it from different angles. The magic in Raqs Sharqi is in how the movement is never what it seems. Reinventing your technique as a whole. Learning technique again turned inside out. New ways to approach technique. How different parts of the body can work together as active and responsive.

Lineage of the Legends

Also known as Channeling the Icons, this comprehensive journey follows the exciting lives and artistry of each of the most important Belly Dance artists who have set the standards and created the steps all Bellydancers perform today. Badia Masabni, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Nagua Fouad, Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdou, Saha Hamdi, Mona El Said, Nahed Sabry, Dina, Lucy, Tito Seif, etc. What did they each contribute and how has each influenced the next by following the evolution of Bellydance since the 1940s. This workshop utilizes film and video footage with commentary as well as learning the signature moves and combinations of each dancer. Includes juicy stories such as why Tahia Carioca and Saha Hamdi were jailed.

Folklore Characters

Beyond regional steps and rhythms, discover the many characters of Middle Eastern Dance as well your own unique Bellydance voice. Be the story, not the prop and costume. Learn unique technique, character, nuance and cultural context as well as why learning folklore is essential for Raqs Sharqi expression. Each folklore style is an expression of a lifestyle and daily experience. "Who" is folklore and why create such movement?

Musical Nuances

Listening and responding to the variety of musical nuances. How does muscularity and posture reflect a musical genre. Where dance steps have no relevance. Music is essential to Raqs Sharqi expression. Learn how to listen beyond your ears and express the many nuances and embellishments of rich Arab music.Be the music.

Cream & Honey Movement

Create movement without muscles or bones. Release and let go so your body is in a constant state of responsiveness. Allow your body to express movement without recognizable steps. All the audience sees is energy and emotion. Release & Respond to Movement. All Levels.

Weekend Schedule

Friday 4:00pm - 10:00pm (one hour dinner)
Saturday 12:00pm - 9:00pm (one lunch, one hour dinner)
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm(one hour lunch)

Technique progression from Beginner to Professional.


Upcoming Dates:

October 4-6, 2019, Toronto, Canada

$299 (deposit $100, balance due before start date)


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