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20 Hours over 2.5 Days Revelation Course

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YR Arts Program B gives you the tools for being a dynamic and creative dance artist. It covers and draws connections between improvisation, creating choreography, discovering the subtle nuances in music and movement, powerful and effective expression in performance and finding your creative passion and unique style.

Upcoming Dates:

November 1-3, 2019, 2019, Toronto, Canada

Program B Curriculum

Art Between Steps

Steps are just bookends for the real dance that expresses musical embellishments and emotional nuance. The real magic and art happens between the steps, in the transitions. Your individuality and life story connected with the music and your body have much to tell. The richness between the steps is what makes an engaging dance artist.

Purposeful Improvisation

A good choreographer needs to be a good improviser and a good improviser needs to be a good choreographer. The skills go hand in hand. Be on point in your improvisation. Stay the course of the musical nuances, the arch of the piece, the changing dynamics. Learn how these things will inform your dance in the moment.

Creating Impactful Choreography

For ensembles and soloists – Creating choreography for student recitals or to express music or abstract ideas and tell a story. Creating meaningful choreographic art. What are the important differences between creating for a soloist and creating for an ensemble. Be unique and tell your story through a solo body or in space with many bodies. Build a bridge to your audience.

Channeling Authenticity

Inhabit your music and/or the character of the music/nuance/culture. Finding honesty and letting the audience connect with you. Stop pretending to be a dancer and live the art. Discover your potential as an expressive artist. Break through your restrictions and boundaries. Be free to be in 100% you in your dance expression. All Levels.

Workshop X

This is a very unique workshop, the development of which was sponsored by Ontario Arts Council. It is designed to unleash an inner ancient life force that is Bellydance and the creative joy it embodies. It is an experience that one gets the most benefit from if one has no preconceptions. Taking place behind locked doors, the participants are sworn to secrecy after the workshop. All do so willingly as they do not want to ruin the experience for anyone else. Any level can participate as it has nothing to do with technique. All levels.

Weekend Schedule

Friday 4:00pm - 10:00pm (one hour dinner)
Saturday 12:00pm - 9:00pm (one lunch, one hour dinner)
Sunday 12:00pm - 5:00pm(one hour lunch)


Upcoming Dates:

November 1-3, 2019, 2019, Toronto, Canada

$299 (deposit $100, balance due before start date)


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