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Arabesque Teacher Training
Teaching standards with integrity

Learn the internationally renowned curriculum Yasmina Ramzy has created by teaching thousands of students worldwide since 1987.

The Teacher Training Course does not teach technique.

This course is about how to teach the technique you have already perfected to a wide variety of students with varying learning issues and capabilities. As well, you will learn the historical, cultural and socio-political context of Bellydance and the Folklores.

* A thorough course for those with a strong desire to teach and share Bellydance and Mid East Folklore

* A thorough and precise system of testing.

* A course which ensures its graduates the same qualifications as Arabesque Academy's top instructors.

* A course which is grounded in excellent technique, but goes way beyond.

* A course which addresses the limitless needs of diverse students.

* A course which offers musical, cultural and artistic context.

* And the most important ingredient of all – the tools to teach empowerment and self-esteem.

10 hours of class per level with Yasmina Ramzy – enrolment for course by audition only

4-5 hours of testing per level – certification by testing

Quality speaks for itself.

Witness the caliber of the Arabesque Dance Company artists, all trained at Arabesque Academy.

Audition Requirments

Must have perfected Intermediate 1 technique in order to learn how to teach Beginner 1.

Must have perfected Intermediate 2 technique in order to learn how to teach Beginner 2.

Must have perfected Advanced technique & capabilities in order to teach Intermediate 1.

Must have completed Beginner 1 Teacher Training before embarking on Beginner 2 Teacher Training.

Audition in person or by DVD for those who live out-of-town.

Accompany the audition with a one paragraph description of why you want to teach.

DVD audition - demonstrate the technique you have accomplished in the order as taught on the three Arabesque Academy Instructional Technique DVDs (Foundation Movement, Technique #1, Technique #2)

In person auditions are one-on-one with Yasmina where she will ask you to demonstrate some key technique for the appropriate level you are applying for

Level acceptance will be determined by the steps one has accomplished

Audition is free


Beginner 1 Teacher Training – T.B.A.
- 2 days (10 hours) for one level - $ 275.00
- Each day: 3-9pm, come well rested with a notebook for lots of note taking
- Limited small class size – first come, first serve.


Individual testing to be booked with Yasmina at convenience when candidate feels ready (hours of testing may be divided for convenience).
Beginner 1 Testing – 5 hours - $450
Beginner 2 and up Testing – 4 hours - $350
- Very stringent requirements to pass. Must execute every technique, explanation & demonstration perfectly.
- May re-test as many times as it takes to pass - only for the issue(s) in question -$30 for 20 minutes.
Permission to claim Arabesque Teacher Certification is awarded only to those who have tested perfectly.
Every 2 years teachers must re-test - only at highest level last awarded - for 1 hour - $90.00 - in order to continue to use the Arabesque name.

One is free to take the course without being tested and thus not certified as an Arabesque Academy Teacher. Testing is available without taking the Teacher Training as well to those with abilities.

As a Certified Arabesque Academy Teacher:

1- You are supported by the Arabesque Academy name, which is known worldwide as the institute for integrity and higher learning in Middle Eastern Dance and Music.

2- You may advertise yourself as a Certified Arabesque Academy instructor.

3- Your students will perform in Student Galas & Soirees with audiences of 400 and more, if local.

4- You will have access to the secret Arabesque Teacher's Black Book with list of over 250 steps and their breakdown, all Arabesque student choreographies & music and other teaching tools.

5- You will receive discounts and/or free admission to many Arabesque events & workshops.

6- Your classes will be advertised on the new upcoming separate Arabesque Academy website & brochures whether you teach through Arabesque or on your own, in or out-of-town.

7- You will have an opportunity to work through the Arabesque Agency as an instructor for workshops.

8- You will receive all Arabesque CDs and DVDs at wholesale prices in order to sell at retail prices to your students.

9- You will receive all imported merchandise at discount prices with option to resell as well.

"...I was very impressed by Yasmina's work and level of organization and her overall scope combining academic research, performance, and dance education by international Masters of the dance. I remember being so overcome by Yasmina's group choreography to Oum Khalsoum that the tears were flowing down my cheeks. I highly respect Yasmina's artistry, her creativity, and her profound contribution to the world of Middle Eastern Dance. She is educating about the deep, organic structure of Egyptian dance." - Sahra Saeeda

Teacher Training Reviews

"As for the teacher training it was far more valuable than the one I took from ***** who had us colouring all the muscles of the body, etc. Yasmina has always been very good at explaining movements but to hear these explanations again with another goal in mind, that of teaching them, you hear it and see it in a new way. Her ability to encourage really puts you at ease so questions and answers flow freely. Providing the list of steps and sometimes the order in which they should be taught was very useful. I have already recommended it to several people and will continue to do so. Even if people aren't planning on teaching, a reassessment of the most basic movements through language, demonstration and participation would benefit a lot of dancers. I realize it's a whole other realm of information but it would be helpful to advise teachers to know some of the most common rhythms (can't always assume they do) and introducing them to their students, the importance of knowing the words or feeling of the music you are dancing to. Either add it on to the miscellaneous notes or add an hour or two to the curriculum to allow time for this. Now I realize that I need a skill assessment to help me correct things and in general get some idea of what I particularly need to work on before taking the testing part of the program. Money well spent."
- Heather Freeman

"The teacher training was wonderful. I have already suggested it to others who are hoping to take it too. It was a great weekend. Very intensive. I would like to have more time to not only practice the techniques we talked about but also to see others dancing and try to fix their technique too. One of the other ladies suggested that as well and I thought it would be great. I feel like I should take the course again. There was so much to learn I just hope I can remember it all. Thank you Yasmina, for all the help and motivation you gave to us. It was an inspiring weekend."
- Jackie Gobeil

"Just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed the Teacher Training on the weekend. I leaned lot and it was great to do it in such a condensed manner. The notes are fantastic and now I am just starting to type my rewritten notes. There is so much information in this one level. I have incorporated what I have leaned into my classes tonight and last night and I am sooo trying to work on my shitty posture. Lots of writing and notes and I learned a ton of things which were good. I really enjoyed actually getting up and doing the moves, makes you aware of things, and makes it easier to write it down in your own words. I do admit by the end of the night I was done. I would do it again and think whether you are teaching or not, it is good to know this information so you can do the moves correctly.... When I can't take classes regularly you sometimes fall through the cracks and then boom you know…..I would have really liked an additional 2 hrs so that after all the notes we could just stand up and go through each move at a smooth pace. I really liked the weekend, and looking forward to rewriting all my notes so at some point, hopefully this summer I can take the test... I hope. Thank Yasmina so much for me... Great Job!"
- Vian Stech