This vivacious ensemble of woman hailing from Toronto's Arabesque Academy was created in 2008 in order to celebrate the female spirit at its most glorious time in life. Allspice is a group of Bellydncers who have lived a bit and revel in their wisdom, uninhibited sensuality and zest for life.

Director: Yasmina Ramzy

Allspice dancing arms held high with veils
Allspice awesome bow line
Allspice dancing in white at Gala
Allspice dancing with crossed arms
Allspice Winter Gala 2012 group shot
Allspice Saiidi gala - Samira
Allspice offical group photo
Allspice white IBCC line
Allspice - IBCC bow line
Allspice - white City Hall pose
Allspice City Hall July 2012
Allspice outdoor shot