Planet Egypt Tour


Discover Modern and Ancient Egypt

For Dancers and Drummers

Go First Class in the experience of a a lifetime!

Experience Raqs Sharqi and tabla from the motherland.

Witness Egypt's most spectacular historic sites.

Discover a behind the scenes Egypt with Yasmina Ramzy (traveling to Egypt since 1983 and hosting tours since 1988) and her Egyptian artist friends. For 2 weeks, explore Cairo and Luxor to Aswan on the Nile Cruise. Yasmina's tour is unique and rich with magical adventures in dance, music, antiquities and culture. People have returned with Yasmina as many as 4 times. Your trip of a lifetime.

Two Weeks of Magic Include:

  • Round trip airfare Toronto-Cairo-Toronto*
  • 5-Star Deluxe Accommodations - MARRIOTT OMAR KAYYAM IN ZAMALEK, CAIRO
  • 5-Star Deluxe Nile Cruise - MS BLUE SHADOW BOAT
  • Domestic Air: Cairo/Luxor/Aswan/Cairo
  • Extensive sightseeing with English-speaking Egyptologist
  • Three dinner shows featuring Egypt's top dance & music performers
  • All Buffet Breakfasts and most dinners and lunches
  • All entrance fees, taxes and transfers

* Inquire about roundtrip airfare from other cities if there is a price difference.

$3995 CDN (2 weeks)

*** Dance and Drum classes with the famous teachers are arranged according to availability and can range from $50 -$100 depending on the instructor — each class is optional and can be decided at the time if you want to attend.

*** Family members and friends are more than welcome on the tour. Beyond dance and drum classes, all other adventures are exciting for everyone.

Tour Dates:

November 16-30, 2019


  • $250 Hold My Spot
  • Option of four payments monthly for four months prior to departure
  • (all amounts are non-refundable after due dates)
  • (in the event the trip is cancelled, all deposits and fees will be refunded)
  • Rates are for double occupancy (single occupancy is $1000 extra)


For more information

  • Phone: 1-416-920-5593
  • Email:


"Better than I dreamed."

Janet Dunkley, Port Perry

"It was exhilarating to see real Egyptian dancers and go to the markets and experience the real thing."

Nicola Yap, Toronto

"One of my dreams was to visit Egypt and ride a camel in the Arabian Desert with the pyramids in the background. Well, not only did my dream come true but the tour with Yasmina Ramzy and Egypt exceeded my expectations. The hotel in Cairo was outstanding and made my stay in Cairo very comfortable. The tour was well organized and Yasmina made sure that each and every one of us felt safe. We were well taken care of. The food was delicious, the shopping therapeutic. We saw Bellydance shows and visited cultural sites. The communication was good and this is important in large travel tours — I never felt left out of anything. It was a wonderful trip."

Cynthia Truax, Toronto

FAQs for Egypt Tour

Q: Can both men and women participate in the tour?

A: Yes

Q: Can I bring my partner or a friend who isn't a bellydancer or tabla player?

A: Spouses and friends who are not artists are welcome. Dance and Drum class costs are not included in the tour price, since that is the one item they might not be interested in.

Q: Which meals are included?

A: All large buffet breakfasts and most lunches and dinners in Cairo are included. All meals on the the 4-day Nile Cruise are included and 3 Cairo dinner/shows are included. That leaves just a few meals which can be purchased inexpensively.

Q: How much do costumes cost?

A: Costume price range is about $200-$1000. Many of the top designers do not take credit cards. You will need cash or travellers cheques in some cases. Hip scarves range from $8-25.

Q: What student level do I need to be at?

A: It does not matter what level of dance or drum student you are. The workshops will depend upon availability, etc. You only take the ones you are interested in. You will always learn something just being in the room with an Egyptian danceror drummer. Workshops can cost anywhere from $50-$100.

Q: What should I pack?

A: Pack comfortable day wear for hot weather that is not too revealing for an Islamic society. Pack some nice evening wear for the dinner/shows. May need a sweater for evening. Good walking shoes for lots of walking. Accommodation is all 5-star, so it is not necessary to pack a blow dryer, etc.

Bring your vitamins, you will never want to sleep. There is too much to see and do.

Q: What travel documents do I need?

A: Passport must be valid for another 6 months after the travel dates. With a Canadian, US or European passport, you can purchase an entry visa upon arrival at the airport with $25 USD cash.

Q: Do I need vaccination?

A: Check with your doctor long before the trip about what vaccinations to take. Note that the tour goes as far south at Aswan.