Yasmina Ramzy Arts - Artistic Mandate

The artistic vision of Yasmina Ramzy Arts is to create dance and music works that embody contemporary and often Western sensibilities steeped in ancient Arabian tradition. The purpose is to promote awareness of and further the artistry of Middle Eastern dance and music arts while often exploring their connection to spirituality and emotional healing. Yasmina Ramzy Arts also hopes to offer Western audiences a more intimate and personal understanding of Middle Eastern culture which is welcome in today's political climate.

Since 1980, while performing and studying dance in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon, and Syria, Yasmina became mesmerized by the beauty, spirituality and profound emotion of Arab art. She found it difficult to comprehend why it wasn't sharing the stage with ballet and the symphony. For over 30 years it has been her foremost goal to recreate for Western audiences, the joy and inspiration she found in the Middle East and in particular, its dance forms which inspired Ruth St. Denis and Isadora Duncan to reinvent the movement expression of their day.

Although many believe the Middle East's most famous dance dubbed "Bellydance” is the oldest dance form, it has had to confront almost constant persecution for the last 2,000 years which still lingers today. By steering away from stereotypes and commercialism, as well as maintaining high artistic standards and integrity, Yasmina Ramzy Arts has done much to lift this stigma and continues to do so. This aspiration is of the utmost importance because Yasmina Ramzy Arts believes that when the stigma is diminished, these ancient art forms will then be accessible to a wider audience who will then benefit from its healing and spiritual inspiration.

"has taken Bellydance to another level" BRAVO TV

"will go down in history as having redeemed Bellydance" Toronto Star