Yasmina Ramzy Arts Audition

Upcoming Audition: TBA

From time to time and according to need, Yasmina Ramzy Arts (formerly Arabesque) holds auditions in order to discover possible apprentice dance artists, both male and female. Sometimes the company will need artists with a particular skill for only one production. If a dance artist is found to be very versatile, he or she may become a lead dancer and thus needed for all productions.

If you are interested in joining Yasmina Ramzy Arts and there is no audition scheduled for the near future, you may inquire with the artistic director Yasmina Ramzy concerning dance and Bassam Bishara concerning music. Being proficient in the company's style of technique is a prerequiste.

Participating in Advanced/Performance classes, Advanced Artistry series, Dance Immersion or Revelations & Transformations and taking a Skills Assessment will give you a good idea of whether you have the potential skill set to participate in the company. A great training tool to prepare you for the company, if not already, is to join the Arabesque Student Troupe.