Yasmina Ramzy Arts
Elevating Heart, Mind & Spirit

"Arresting ... Seduces Completely" The Globe & Mail

"Hypnotic Artistry and Passion" Dance International

"Intelligent and Inventive" The Globe & Mail

Where music and movement become one, where ancient and modern blend, where East and West merge. Yasmina Ramzy Arts formerly known as Arabesque Dance Company & Orchetra is a dance and music ensemble that embodies creative contemporary sensibilities steeped in a rich and ancient Arabian tradition. Seventeen male and female dance artists directed by Yasmina Ramzy and eight acoustic musicians directed by Bassam Bishara weave together seamlessly the infinite and ornate intricacies of refined and redefined Arab art. Soaring emotional waves, smouldering passion, earthy raw spirit and unearthly spirituality; all are experienced memorably in an Yasmina Ramzy Arts performance.