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OUM (mother)

Arabesque Dance Company & Orchestra Pays Tribute to the Mother of Arab Music
OUM explores the music of Oum Kalthoum set to a glorious montage of the Egyptian singer's most memorable musical moments arranged by musical director Bassam Bishara.
Other tracks include Coffee Shop, Sanatein Wana Hayel Fiik, Sahra, Haysa, Hiyee.

Video Clips:

ASALA 1 CD cover

ASALA 1 Live

Music from the Arabesque Dance Company performance of ASALA.


  • 1-11 Inta Omri
  • 12 El Binti Beida (Saiidi)
  • 13 Hezzie (drum Solo)
  • 14 Tannoura
  • 15 Binti Bahari (Milaya)
  • 16 Arab Habibi (Port Said)
  • 17 Oude Taqsim
  • 18 Percussion Mania
ASALA 2 CD cover

ASALA 2 Live

Music from the Arabesque Dance Company performance of ASALA.


  • 1 Nawaem
  • 2 Beini Ou Beinak
  • 3 Darwish (whirling)
  • 4 Nibtidi Meniem El Hikaya
  • 5 Mashkelni (Khaleegy)
  • 6 Walauu (drum solo)
  • 7 Kalaatny Ya Booy
  • 8 Tahtiib Fight
  • 9 Courting Hagallah
  • 10 Hagallah
  • 11 Keyboard Taqsim
  • 12 Khatarna Alla Ballak
Oyoun CD cover


Traditional acoustic music featuring the vocals of Najwa Tannus and Nabeel Shehadeh. Includes many different styles of music for bellydancers including a 15 minute opening, a drum solo, Zaffah and folklore music, plus Zaar and Tannoura.

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Nawaem CD cover


10 tracks, 6 originally composed pieces by Bassam Bishara and Suleiman Warwar: Nawaem, Alilos, Majnun, Holum, Bint E Hitta, Darwish, Hezzy, Hajjaleh, Ayoub #1 and Ayoub #2.

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Beyond Rhthym CD cover

Beyond Rhythm

Suleiman Warwar's new CD. All percussion.

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