Yasmina Ramzy — Teaching

Yasmina created the world renowned Arabesque Academy curriculum based on teaching thousands of students since 1982. She has taught in 65 cities world wide and is often invited back multiple times to several different locations. Yasmina will teach whatever the host feels the students of that region need or are asking for.


There are 18 workshops and one lecture to choose from. Each workshop is usually 2 hours, but can be extended to 5 hours. Fifteen of the workshops are grouped into three intensive programs which can be taught in 20 hours over a weekend. As well, there is the nine day Intensive Pro Course.


Technique Inside Out

Discovering technique again at all levels and approaching it from different angles. The magic in Raqs Sharqi is in how the movement is never what it seems. Reinventing your technique as a whole. Learning technique again turned inside out. New ways to approach technique. How different parts of the body can work together as active and responsive.

Lineage of the Legends

Also known as Channeling the Icons, this comprehensive journey follows the exciting lives and artistry of each of the most important Belly Dance artists who have set the standards and created the steps all Bellydancers perform today. Badia Masabni, Tahia Carioca, Samia Gamal, Naima Akef, Nagua Fouad, Sohair Zaki, Fifi Abdou, Saha Hamdi, Mona El Said, Nahed Sabry, Dina, Lucy, Tito Seif, etc. What did they each contribute and how has each influenced the next by following the evolution of Bellydance since the 1940s. This workshop utilizes film and video footage with commentary as well as learning the signature moves and combinations of each dancer. Includes juicy stories such as why Tahia Carioca and Saha Hamdi were jailed.

Folklore Characters

Beyond regional steps and rhythms, discover the many characters of Middle Eastern Dance as well your own unique Bellydance voice. Be the story, not the prop and costume. Learn unique technique, character, nuance and cultural context as well as why learning folklore is essential for Raqs Sharqi expression. Each folklore style is an expression of a lifestyle and daily experience. "Who" is folklore and why create such movement?

Musical Nuances

Listening and responding to the variety of musical nuances. How does muscularity and posture reflect a musical genre. Where dance steps have no relevance. Music is essential to Raqs Sharqi expression. Learn how to listen beyond your ears and express the many nuances and embellishments of rich Arab music.Be the music.

Cream & Honey Movement

Create movement without muscles or bones. Release and let go so your body is in a constant state of responsiveness. Allow your body to express movement without recognizable steps. All the audience sees is energy and emotion. Release & Respond to Movement. All Levels.


Art Between Steps

Steps are just bookends for the real dance that expresses musical embellishments and emotional nuance. The real magic and art happens between the steps, in the transitions. Your individuality and life story connected with the music and your body have much to tell. The richness between the steps is what makes an engaging dance artist.

Purposeful Improvisation

A good choreographer needs to be a good improviser and a good improviser needs to be a good choreographer. The skills go hand in hand. Be on point in your improvisation. Stay the course of the musical nuances, the arch of the piece, the changing dynamics. Learn how these things will inform your dance in the moment.

Creating Impactful Choreography

For ensembles and soloists – Creating choreography for student recitals or to express music or abstract ideas and tell a story. Creating meaningful choreographic art. What are the important differences between creating for a soloist and creating for an ensemble. Be unique and tell your story through a solo body or in space with many bodies. Build a bridge to your audience.

Channeling Authenticity

Inhabit your music and/or the character of the music/nuance/culture. Finding honesty and letting the audience connect with you. Stop pretending to be a dancer and live the art. Discover your potential as an expressive artist. Break through your restrictions and boundaries. Be free to be in 100% you in your dance expression. All Levels.

Workshop X

This is a very unique workshop, the development of which was sponsored by Ontario Arts Council. It is designed to unleash an inner ancient life force that is Bellydance and the creative joy it embodies. It is an experience that one gets the most benefit from if one has no preconceptions. Taking place behind locked doors, the participants are sworn to secrecy after the workshop. All do so willingly as they do not want to ruin the experience for anyone else. Any level can participate as it has nothing to do with technique. All levels.


Artistic Vision

What is your unique artistic voice? Discover your personal message in your art and how to articulate it through creative dance expression. Discover and manifest your artistic vision that will shape your dance career and set you apart from the crowd. Discover the reason for your passion and gain the tools to effectively share it.

Creating Audiences

Go beyond preaching to the choir. Learn how to reach audiences beyond the Raqs Sharqi community. Inspire mainstream audiences with your artistic vision. Gain appreciation from the mainstream dance world as recognized art. How do different audiences receive your art and how to present differently for each audience with impact.

Directing Dance Companies

No easy task. Dance troupes, ensembles and companies come in many forms. Learn how to direct effectively and inspire your dancers. Learn some efficient ways to alleviate wasteful time and energy so you are freed up to concentrate on creativity. Learn how to rehearse effectively, how to choose your dancers, how to run the business of a dance company.

Live Music

Learn how to work with live musicians in a nightclub or in a theatrical venue. What are the communication skills needed on and off stage with musicians. Know Arab music well so that you can utilize the musicians to their full potential and best suited to your artistic vision. Learn how to rehearse with live musicians.

Being an Inspiring Teacher

Be an expert in reading the individual needs, both physical and emotional, of different kinds of students. Find out your unique offering as a teacher and how to communicate it. Understand who your students are and how to attract and inspire them. Learn effective means of guiding students on their journey.


Intensive Pro Course

This nine day intensive course is perfect for the performing professional dance artist, teacher, company director, advanced student or very adventurous Intermediate student. It challenges the dance artist to push themself into new and uncharted territory in order to free up and discover untapped artistic interpretation and expression. The course includes five hours of class and two hours of homework each day with performances. All fifteen workshops of Programs A, B, and C are combined and tailored to create a transformative experience that sets the dance artist on a new trajectory with purpose and artistic vision.


Learn a Full Choreography

Choose a style or a piece of music and learn a choreography created by Yasmina Ramzy for soloists or for an ensemble. Choose a brand new choreography or your favourite past choreography

Learn a Specific Folklore Style

Choose one Folklore style and really become aware of its characteristics and context through learning one choreography or parts of different choreographies and improvisation. Choose from Saiidi, Assaya, Milaya, Port Said, Shamadan, Mohamed Ali Street, Khaleegy

Learn a Specific Musical Nuance Style

Choose from a particulat genre such as Shaabi, Baladi, Classical or the Music of Oum Kalthoum and become aware of its characteristics and context through learning one choreography or parts of different choreographies and improvisation.


Meaning in Movement - Femininism, Spirituality, Sexuality, Self Esteem

The essence of Bellydance and giving meaning and purpose for the movement – Spirituality, Feminism, Sexuality, Self Esteem. How are these things inter-related and how can you actively and consciously engage the healing process these facets embody in your performance and teaching.