Past Yasmina Ramzy Workshops

Average 8 classes a week at Arabesque Academy
June2013Master Pro Course, Toronto
June2013Raksfest, Guelph
June2013Theatrical Bellydance Conference, New York
May20132-day Workshop, Winnipeg, Manitoba
April2013Creating Chroegraphy Workshop, Toronto
April2013Pro Series Workshop, Toronto
March2013Bellydance Legends, Toronto
March2013Beyond Folklore, Toronto
March20132-Day Workshop in Halifax, Nova Scotia
March2013Al Khaima Workshop, Toronto
February2013Pro Series Workshop, Toronto
February2013Kick-Ass Technique, Toronto
January2013Bellydance & Folklore Workshop, Toronto
January2013Heavy Hitting Hips, Toronto
November2012Workshop X in Oakville, ON
October2012Workshop X in Port Perry, ON
October20122-day workshop with Suleiman Warwar,Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
October20122-day workshop,Zagreb, Croatia
September2012Workshop X,Toronto
September20122-day workshop with Suleiman Warwar, Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A.
September2012Al Khaima (The Tent) Dancing with Live Musicians,Toronto
September2012Bellydance Dumbek Brigade,Toronto
September2012Introductory Bellydance & Folklore Workshop,Toronto
August2012Bellydance Dumbek Brigade,Toronto
July2012Bellydance Crash Course BG I/II
July2012Arabesque PRO COURSE,Toronto
July20121st Bellydance Dumbek Brigade, Ramsden Park, Toronto
July2012Taste of Lawrence, Toronto
July2012Dr. Yasmina Workshop, Toronto
July2012Fearless Femininity Workshop.Toronto
July2012Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
June2012Introductory Workshop, Toronto
May20121-day workshop, Boston, MA
May2012International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Toronto, ON
March20122-day workshop, Thunder Bay, ON
February2012Workshop X, Toronto, ON
October2011Oum Kalthoum Workshop, Toronto, ON
November2011Al Khaima (the Tent) Workshop,Toronto, ON
November2011Great Lakes Bellydance Convention, Ann Arbor, Michigan
October2011Oum Kalthoum Workshop, Toronto, ON
August20115-day Intermediate/Advanced Level Bellydance Crash Course Workshop, Toronto, ON
August20115-day Beginner Level Bellydance Crash Course Workshop, Toronto, ON
August20111-day workshop, Montreal, QC
July2011Pro Course, Toronto, ON
July2011Pro Course Masters, Toronto, ON
May2011Al Khaima, Toronto, ON
April2011Kick Ass Technique, Toronto, ON
March2011West meets East, Toronto, ON
March2011Khatarna Alla ballka Choreography, Toronto, ON
November2010Edmonton, AB
July2010Two week Arabesque Professional Course, Toronto
April2010International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Toronto, ON
March2010Al Khaima workshop, Toronto, ON
March2010Al Khaima workshop, Vancouver, BC
March2010Al Khaima workshop, Whitehorse, Yukon
February2010Oum Kalthoum: dance workshop with live musicians, Toronto, ON
July2009Two week Arabesque Professional Course, Toronto
July2009One week workshop, Raks Madrid Festival, Madrid, Spain
June2009Two-Day workshop, Texas
October2008Al Khaima - Dance Relation w/ Music
September2008Intensive Folklore Weekend
September2008Two-Day workshop, Mexico
August2008Atlantic Dance Festival, Moncton Bellet School
August2008Fleming College, Haliburton School of the Arts, Level Two
July /August2008Fleming College, Haliburton School of the Arts, Level One
July2008Al Khaima - Dance Relation w/ Music
July2008Arabesque Intensive Professional Course
May2008AuSet Studio , Winnipeg
May2008York University, Pulse Youth Dance Conference
April2008International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Toronto, ON
April2008Museum of Textiles
February2008Al Khaima - Dance Relation w/ Music
February2008On The Move, National Ballet of Canada School
April2007International Bellydance Conference of Canada, Toronto, ON
June2007One-dayworkshop, Kingston, Ontario
June2007Four-day workshop, Thunder Bay, Ontario
June2007Two-day workshop, Boston, Massachusetts
June2007Five-day workshp, Haliburton School of the Arts
June2007One-day workshop, Kingston, Ontario
June2007One-day workshop, Brockville, Ontario
June2007Three-day workshop, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
June2007Three-day workshop, Calgary, Alberta
June2006Three-day workshop, Grand Rapids, MI
June2006Three-day workshop, Edmonton, Alberta
June2005Two-day workshop, Chicago, IL
June2005Two-day workshop, Bristol, England
June2005Two-day workshop, Thunder Bay, ON
June2005Three-day workshop, Budapest, Hungary
June2005Two-day workshop, Vienna, Austria
June2005Three-day workshop, Barcelona, Spain
June2005Two-day workshop, Ottawa
June2005Two-day workshop, Atlanta, Georgia
June2004Two-day workshop, Virginia Beach, Virginia
June2004Two-day workshop, Grand Rapids, MI
June2004Two-day workshop, Edmonton
June2004Two-day workshop, Windsor
June2004Two-day workshop, Montreal
August2004Three-day workshop, San Juan, Puerto Rico
August2004Four-day workshop, Guelph, ON
June2004Two-week intensive professional course, Toronto, ON
June2004Five-day summer course, Belleville, ON
June2004Four-day workshop in Hong Kong, China
June2004Three-day workshop in Victoria, BC
June2004Workshop in Sarnia, ON
June2004Two-day workshop in Thunder Bay, ON
June2004Workshop in Stratford, ON
January2004Workshop at Dance Ontario 3X3 in Kingston, ON
January2004Workshop in Bristol, England
June2003Workshop in Edinborough, Scotland
June2003Workshop in Glasgow, Scotland
June2003Four-day workshop in Vienna, Austria
June2003One-week workshop in Frankfurt, Germany
June2003Two-day workshop in Houston, TX
June2003Two-day workshop in Winnipeg, MB
June2003Two-day workshop in Grand Rapids, MI
June2003Workshop in Sarnia, ON
June2003Workshops during Descent of Ishtar tour in cities across Ontario: Sudbury, Windsor, Ottawa, and St. Catherines
June2002Workshop at Branksome Hall, Toronto
June2002Two-day workshop and performance in Winnipeg, Manitoba
June2002Two-day workshop and performance in Atlanta, GA
June2002Two-day workshop and performance in Sarnia, ON
June2001Two-day workshop Miami, FL
June2001Two-day workshop in St. John, NB
June2001Re-organized Arabesque Academy to an exclusively Middle Eastern dance, music and history school, offering up to 30 classes week
June2001Workshop in Barrie, ON
June2001Workshop at University of Guelph, Guelph, ON
June2001Workshop at Branksome Hall, Toronto, ON
 1995 - 2000Reopened Arabesque Academy, a multi-ethnic dance school specializing in Middle Eastern, Latin and Brazilian dance; owner, manager, teacher, agent, teaching sixteen Middle Eastern dance classes weekly.
June2000Workshop at Earl Haig Secondary School for the Arts, Toronto, ON
June2000Workshop at Womyn's Forum in Windsor, ON
June2000Workshop in Kingston, ON
June2000Workshop at Kick Up Your Heels Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto
June2000Present monthly workshops in Sarnia, ON
January2000Women's Self Esteem workshop at Oakwood Public Library, Toronto, ON
January2000Women's Self Esteem workshop for Women's Health Issues, Toronto Convention Centre
June1999Drum Solo workshop with percussionist Amer Matri in Toronto, ON
June1999Workshop in Barrie, ON
June1999Two day workshop for MEDA in Vancouver, BC
June1999Two day workshop in Calgary, AB
June1999Workshop at Water's Edge Cafe, Hot n' Spicy Festival, Harbourfront Centre
June1999Workshop with Dr. George Sawa at Centauri Summer Arts Camp
June1999Workshop in London, ON
January1999Workshop to the East York Woman's Group
June1998Workshop at Water's Edge Cafe, Hot n' Spicy Festival, Harbourfront Centre
June1998Workshop in Guelph, ON
June1998Workshop - Drum & Dance Marathon for COBA and OMO
June1998Three-day workshop in Victoria, B.C
June1998Workshop for Harbourfront Community Centre
June1998Workshop for the Centre For well-being
January1998Workshop for the Gay & Lesbian Committee, York University
June1997Workshop sponsored by Dance Umbrella of Ontario at the Walter Carsen Centre for the National Ballet of Canada
June1997workshop for Canadian Managers of Proctor & Gamble with Carmen Romero
June1997Weekly class in Hamilton, Ontario, Donna's Friends in Fitness
June1997Seminar for Graduate Dance Program at York University
 1991 - 1994Average of three Middle Eastern Dance classes and workshops a week in Canada, United States, Mexico, Syria and Jordan
 1987 - 1990Arabesque Academy - owner, manager, teacher, administrator, promoter
 1984 - 1986Average two Middle Eastern Dance classes a week out of the home